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Contact phone number +981734534061 or mobile number +989120760829 or email addresses info@farniv.com we can keep up with sales experts, to receive more information about our products and services.

After receiving the necessary information about the performance of our products, our technical experts are ready to offer advice to your loved ones. To provide more accurate advice experts are present at your location or by sending images to send her place Tvanydatlaat.

Then, according to our experts in the needs assessment was conducted to determine the price and before the bill will be presented to you

After confirming the pre-invoice, the most important part, namely design and production, will start according to the information received and your needs. By doing this step with the best quality, we try to satisfy you to the fullest.

At this stage, your order is ready to be installed on site. Our experts will be present at your place to perform the installation process and deliver your product and provide the necessary training to use your service.

Farniv Industrial Group products come with a five-year warranty and after-sales service. You can submit your requests through the website or by contacting the company.

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Responsibility is our pride

Responsibility is our pride

Why do we shy away from being responsible? We sometimes subconsciously make choices that are to our detriment, but we consciously think that it is in our best interest and for some reason we like not to be responsible, because being responsible has its own troubles. I will continue to mention several cases.

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Thanks to many years of experience in the field of lift fireproof box manufacturing, Farniv Machine Manufacturing Company (FMMC) throve to produce that of diverse qualities in the line of its quality aims and also for relieving its honorable costumers by the use of the highest up-to-date technologies. In the company, all design and producing phases were done with the best equipped facilities such a way that manufacturing lift boxes with very soft and easy to move handgrips and vibration- and- noise- free doors in spite of their complicated shapes, is only one of our marked abilities.

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Most contact pages are designed with function in mind. They slap an email address, phone, and location on a plain background and call it a day. But basic contact pages don’t inspire visitors to reach out and connect. Other pages make it easy to contact the company – which is awesome. Except, that can also drive up customer service costs.

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